The India Smiling Soul Retreat with Brett Shuttleworth 

Get Ready for an Adventure like Nothing Ever Experienced Before

From the beauty and party vibe of the beaches of Goa to the awe inspiring majesty of the Taj Mahal; from watching incredible sunrises on the Himalayas and floating down the divine Ganges on a white water rafting adventure to seeking out hidden treasures in the backstreets of Mumbai: be ready for a journey of inspiration and awakening; of fun, laughter and pure love magic. The true gift of this retreat is an offering of new eyes. Eyes that will see life for the endless opportunity and abundance it offers, and see yourself as the gift of love and beauty that you are.

“I kicked and screamed resisting going on the retreat. It turned out to be one of my life's greatest decisions. I landed in India with a broken heart and left with it broken right open. This Retreat ticked every box and more. An absolute must for anyone sitting on the fence. The retreat is everything and more than you could ever expect” - Heath Dormer


"If you have the least bit of doubt about joining the Smiling Soul Retreat, take a leap of faith - I personally guarantee that this will be the very best decision you have made for you, in your life. If you are still not convinced, call me" - Romy Murer


"This may be advertised as a 12 day Retreat, but it is SO much more. I could go on and on and on about this trip, but some things you have to experience to fathom its magnitude and greatness" - Ishanie Munn

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